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Time to do some work on LazerWikiBlog

Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:45 pm
by lazerzap
It's been awhile.. LazerWikiBlog hasn't had a decent political journal entry for a couple of years. The political climate is such.. That I just have to start making a noise via the WikiBlog..

All my old political foes seem to have met their political demise. As a result.. Auto lookups for those old evil MP's and Senators which are performed via are now coming back Null and Invalid.
I probably need to adjust my script to display FOO when no data returned. *shrug* I can live with it.. Those politicians didn't deserve a script of their own by reputation of working towards a public good. So they certainly don't deserve that script to be maintained..

Also.. because I now live in QLD under Newmans L/NP extreme vlad laws and I see that total tossbag known as Abbott with the title of PM. (another well known L/NP leech) I think it is again time to "home up some scripts" for the key stupid/corrupt political players.. So we can see more clearly 'exactly' what they have said. (via hansard data) Yes it is time for me to become more active again via LazerwikiBlog. I can probably hack the old "politicians" scripts and rename them faster than it has taken to read this. (and write it..) But.. I needed to bring to the attention of 'who ever is interested' that A: I will be away from BigSlugBox for awhile (so please be good mice) & B: Those stinking right wing climate change denier religious extremists! I hope L/NP politicians, that I name and shame, are going to wish they had retired or had lost office already.. By the time I am thru with them..

As a result.. I will try and leave BigSluggy alone now.. while I play at LazerWikiBlog. See: