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Broken Customline

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:35 am
by lazerzap
My 1959 'Starmodel' Customline blew its rear uni joint again! I failed to mention it sooner. But the Cusso has been in the rain and off the road for a few months now. This is the third time that the rear uni joint has let go on me. When I initially replaced it. (due to being worn out.. I thought.. hmmm) It only lasted about 3 months of intermittant driving before it dropped on the road the first time. I reacted with anger over this event and blamed the mechanic who had fitted the first uni joint. However, this is now the THIRD time that the tailshaft has hit the road. Always the rear uni joint letting go. The problem must be the angle that the diff is connecting to the uni joint. The connection must be stressing the joint and wearing it rapidly. If the duff wasnt mounted squarly onto the springs. If it was out even just a little it could explain why the uni joints seems to only last a very very short amount of time. So I am waiting for my tailshaft to turn up. I was expecting it to be dropped off here by now. I will have to chase it. Having to see the old girl out in the weather each week. Watching the rust bubbles slowly get bigger is driving me nutz.

Re: Broken Customline

Unread postPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:02 am
by lazerzap
Well the tailshaft is back in place. I finally picked it up. Installed it on the same day. Problem was the transmission fluid had leaked out while the tailshaft was out of it. So I scrounged around and found a couple of litres of trans fluid. But that wasn't really enough to really fix it. It was enough to finally get the Customline out of the rain though. So I parked it in the garage. A few days later I got 4 litres of Transmission fluid and topped the Transmission up properly. After that I took the Customline for a quick spin to see if I still had "problems" with nasty "vibrations" from the driveshaft. I am happy to report that I detected no vibrations in the short period I tested the car. The rust bubbles are more noticable now though. :cry: