ENFP - Understanding Introverted Feeling

Champion, Warmly enthusiastic and imaginative. See life as full of possibilities. Make connections between events and information very quickly, and confidently proceed based on the patterns they see. Want a lot of affirmation from others, and readily give appreciation and support. Spontaneous and flexible, often rely on their ability to improvise and their verbal fluency.

Does an understanding of Introverted Feeling help you as an ENFP?

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ENFP - Understanding Introverted Feeling

Unread postby lazerzap » Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:59 pm

The key to personal growth for the ENFP is competent execution of Introverted Feeling. It’s difficult for most to understand what this means, much less incorporate that directive into your life. Here are some action-oriented suggestions that will help lead you down the path towards more effective use of the Introverted Feeling function.

Specific suggestions:

When you feel angry or resistant towards someone who you feel is criticizing you, take this as a cue that you are not judging effectively. When that happens, take a step back from your anger and try to really hear what the person is saying objectively. Rather than expending mental energy in defining how the other person is wrong, try to judge what the person is actually saying.

Periodically make lists of goals and accomplishments. Revisit your goals and accomplishments as often as you’d like to maintain a sense of direction.

Spend time alone regularly for the purpose of thinking through issues in your life.

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