Amending the Australian Constitution - Conversation

Amending the Australian Constitution - Conversation

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Person 1: Approval in a referendum is necessary in order to amend the Australian constitution. A bill must first be passed by both houses of Parliament or, in certain limited circumstances, by only one house of Parliament, and is then submitted to a referendum. If a majority of those voting, as well as separate majorities in each of a majority of states, (and where appropriate a majority of people in any affected state) vote in favor of the amendment, it is presented for Royal Assent, given in the Queen's name by the Governor-General. Due to the specific mention of referendums in the Australian constitution, non-constitutional referendums are usually termed "plebiscites" in Australia.

Person 2: Cheers bro.. I feel a lot more confident now with the high court challenge.. I was a bit uninformed on the Beattie constitution ( with no referendum and the whole Brigalow corp thing

Person 3: Scroll down here, i put lotsa links up about this....
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