Should Kevin Foley have resigned months ago?

Should Kevin Foley have resigned months ago?

Unread postby Politics » Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:49 am

It has come to light that Kevin Foley was made aware of the budget blow out for the Adelaide Oval redevelopment well before the State Election. The Opposition are calling for his resignation for misleading parliament (03-06-2010)


SOUTH Australian Treasurer Kevin Foley racked up a $22,000 taxpayer-funded mobile phone bill in 12 months while planning a horror budget which slashed public service jobs, increased rent for Housing Trust pensioners and condemned The Parks Community Centre.


South Australian Deputy Premier Kevin Foley says he will he will not contest the next election - but his exit from politics may come much sooner.

Mr Foley has been under pressure from mid-2010 to step down from the treasury portfolio after cost blowouts for Adelaide's new desalination plant and the Adelaide Oval redevelopment, as well as overspending on healthcare.

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