URGENT (1st August 2011) Brisbane Residents!

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URGENT (1st August 2011) Brisbane Residents!

Unread postby lazerzap » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:22 pm

Dear friends in Brisbane,

Prime Minister Gillard and her Cabinet are meeting in Brisbane this afternoon for crucial deliberations on how to handle asylum seekers in the wake of the High Court decision yesterday.

Their choice is stark: they could recommit to Australia’s international obligations and process asylum seekers in a faster, more humane way here in Australia. Or they could reopen the processing centres John Howard established in Papua New Guinea and Nauru as part of his so-called 'Pacific Solution'.

These are countries where asylum seekers have waited for up to four years for resolution of their cases, usually without legal representation and with limited access to medical and psychiatric care . In fact, just months ago Immigration Minister Chris Bowen himself said "the Pacific solution did not break the people smugglers' business model; it broke the will and spirit of asylum seekers." 1

Can you join other Brisbane locals this afternoon to remind the Minister of his own words, and ensure the Government see our message before making this important decision? The entire Cabinet will be at Yeronga High School for a 'Community Cabinet' meeting - so we know exactly where they, and the national media, will be.

Where: across the road from Yeronga High School - 159 Villa St, Yeronga.
When: this afternoon 4:30 till 5:30pm
Look for: Banners with the words 'we remember'

Yes! I can come.. (Click following link)


I can't come but I'll email my MP about this


Why is this important? Because perhaps the Government think we've all forgotten what it was like -- John Howard's callous approach to refugees.

That we've forgotten the days when families who arrived on our shores fleeing war and persecution were palmed to remote detention centres on pacific islands. Forgotten the four years some waited out of sight and mind, turning slowly mad in a limbo without adequate healthcare, education nor psychiatric help... nor hope.

It would be easy to lose our tempers at this moment - but our message is too important for that. When you come down to the CBD tonight you'll be joined by other regular GetUp members from across Brisbane: folks who don't won't to see Australia return to horrendous policies. We'll stand together in silence holding banners that say 'we remember' to create an image that politicians and our national media won't be able to miss as they walk into the meeting.

Click here to RSVP and come along to Yeronga High tonight:
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