Sports Bike Rider: Russell Baxter Hastled

Sports Bike Rider: Russell Baxter Hastled

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Edited to Explain this Posting.

This posting was originally reported to be posted to Newmans Official Facebook page. However, I found it in an anti-VLAD facebook group. It had been reposted there by a member of that group who had noticed the snippet while viewing Newmans Facebook page. The consensus of the anti-VLAD group seems to be that "Newman's Staff will soon delete it from the wall". So to "save" that information and to alert others of this behaviour. The snippet had been reposted to the anti-VLAD facebook group.


Realizing that if true. I thought that the incident displayed a huge change in the way citizens are apparently now being treated by the very Governments that are supposed to protect and represent them.

As a result. I reposted the text (with minor grammar/spelling/format edits) here. The image I 'found' on a certain Russell Baxter's facebook page that was publicly viewable.
I am not certain that this is the same Russell Baxter that made the initial complaint. It may or may not be an image of the sports bike that he was riding at the time.
However it is a nice image of a nice sports bike that is owned by a Russell Baxter who lives in QLD. (and frankly I thought that was good enough for the purposes of having an illustration, lol)


Mr Campbell Newman, or the Premiers Team, whichever will answer my question. I ride a sports bike, not a harley, there is a massive difference.
I wear a full leather 1 piece race suit when i ride not jeans and a leather vest. I am licensed and my motorcycle is both registered and roadworthy and in my name.
Can you please explain why I was forced to suffer the humiliation of being forced to undress on the side of the road, when i was pulled over for what the officer described as profiling?
I was not random breath tested, my bike was not looked at for defects and no, i was not pulled over for speeding.
I was told I was stopped because they are building a profile of motorcycle riders.
I have no tattoos, but i was photographed standing in just my underwear, and my motorcycle was photographed as well.
Can you tell me where and who has these photos?
I have no MC affiliations, and with the amount of modern technology available in a basic police car,
when my number plate is entered into the system shouldn't the officer have access to some sort of database which would say if I am a 'bikie' or an associate?
I'm sorry, but my rights were invaded and i was publicly humiliated because of your new laws.
I am all for cleaning up ALL crime in our state, but not at the cost of my basic rights.
Can you tell me if what i went through is ok by your personal standards of what you envisioned with these laws?

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