The JP who dare not associate: Juanita Kammholz

The JP who dare not associate: Juanita Kammholz

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Background: Juanita has sent emails to Bliejie and Newman that have gone unanswered. She has asked on their Social Media pages. (and has been blocked for her trouble). Finally, Juanita has contacted Peter Wellington and put it in his hands. I do not know if Juanita is already regarded as an associate of any organisation that may or may not be banned. (whew) All I know is she seems to have an image of a nice cruiser on her facebook page.


Apart from the image of the motorcycle and her obvious interest in opposing the VLAD laws. In the short time I peeked at her facebook page. I did not see any outward indication of an association with an OMCG.

I am a Justice of the Peace (Qual), Mr Bleijie as the Attorney General is my 'boss' with the Justice of the Peace.

I would like to know:

If I will be classed as an 'associate' under these new laws if I witness any documents for members or ex-members of any outlawed motorcycle club and/or their families?

If so, does that now mean, that anyone deemed as an 'associate' is no longer able to have access to 'due process' in the law regarding Statutory Declarations and Affidavits that they may need for any court proceedings?

Where then, will they be able to go to get these documents witnessed or are they no longer 'allowed' to submit documents to any court?

Is there a list of 'names' of associates that we as Justices of the Peace may access so we 'know' who is an associate and who is not?

If I witness documents for an associate am I, by putting my name, address and J.P. stamp on these documents now liable to arrest or have my name put on a list of associates?

I want to know what the procedure is, now that Mr Bleijie has brought in these laws, for all his J.P.'s and Comm Dec's he has to oversee regarding the signing and witnessing of any documents.

I have not been able to find anything on this in the Attorney Generals pages regarding any of this and where we stand.

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