Motorcycle Police Checks: QLD Style via OccupyGoldCoast

Motorcycle Police Checks: QLD Style via OccupyGoldCoast

Unread postby lazerzap » Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:10 am

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#vlad #qldpol WTF. ....I just went on a ride on my Harley and ended up in Beenleigh. I needed fuel so I turned into a street to do a U turn back to the servo.....I pulled up at a bowser and all of a sudden there was a cop car with lights and siren pulled up behind me. They asked for my license and I asked if they could wait until I finished filling up. I went in and paid for the fuel and when I came back out was confronted with 5 cop cars and 10 cops which detained me for license, breath test and vehicle compliance. A 6th car turned up to issue me with a drug test.......all up I was detained for close on an hour....I thank all of the general public and the lady behind the counter as everyone was recording and gave me their names as witnesses. ...after all of this I was free to go with no infringements....Yeah Newman, law abiding motorcyclists have nothing to fear. ....ftp

Via JE.

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