Glenn Miller: Politicians are responsible for more crime!

Glenn Miller: Politicians are responsible for more crime!

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Via Facebook Group - People against Anti Anti Bikie Laws (lets stand as one) (

Original Text by Glenn Miller & Nikki Thompson
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Glenn Miller · 5 followers 10:28am (4 hours ago)

How bloody stupid can politicians possibly get? Don't answer its rhetorical. The acting attorney-general, ( David Crisafulli, is bitching because the unions have helped fund the fight against the "bikie laws". For starters, they aren't bikie laws. Stop calling them bikie laws as they don't mention bikies anywhere.

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They are anti association laws and can be used against anybody. Don't believe me? then read them yourself.


This idiot claims the unions are supporting bikies and not innocent Queenslanders. BULLSHIT. Innocent Queenslanders are being locked in solitary for nothing more than having a beer with family members or even buying ice creams. NO crimes committed at all. This idiot is claiming bikies are responsible for most of Qld crime. BULLSHIT.

Their own stats show bikies are responsible for very minimal percentages of crime.

From Article: In QLD during October and November 2013. 73,309 total offences were reported. Bikies accounted for only 1% of these offences. Please note: Officers as part of Operation Resolute, created in response to offending behaviour of Criminal Motorcycle Gangs (CMGs), have arrested 384 people on 817 charges since October 6. But of the 817 charges, only 28 – or 3.4% – can be considered “organised crime” type charges such as drug trafficking and extortion.

Editors Note: So therefore Bikies who only account for 1% of the crime in the first place. And only a very small percentage (3.4%) of that 1% are considered "organised crime" related.

0.2% or 28 offenses out of a total of 73,309 for the 2 month period resulted in prosecution of "organised crime" offenses by "bikies" after this crackdown!!


The unions have joined the fight because the dumbass politicians are now targeting tradesmen , like electricians and want to take away their licences even if they are no longer bikie associates.

Stop lying to the public . Stop using bikies as the scapegoat. You bloody politicians are responsible for more crime than the bikies.

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Nikki Thompson

And what about the Government wasting all our taxpayer dollars to make advertisements about the laws and spending on police task forces. That's our money they are wasting ffs but they don't mention that do they??
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