Bah & Humbug!

Bah & Humbug!

Unread postby lazerzap » Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:09 pm

Since both major political parties seem to draw their leaders from the pool of those who were once rhodes scholars. I believe it is safe to assume both major political parties have similar right wing agendas. Freedom and Individuality do not seem to mesh well with the plans of those who would be our masters. Now one of the symbols of freedom is being attacked by the Queensland Liberal/National party Government. The right to be treated "like anyone else" while riding a motorcycle has now been denied. Ride your motorcycle.. Sure.. But expect to be surrounded by police and hastled.. hastled.. hastled.. They want to know.. "WHY?" you wear a leather vest.. They want to know "WHY?" you got that tattoo.. They want to know "WHY?" you wear the clothing you do.. They want to know "WHAT?" does this badge mean.. They need photos of your tattoo's.. They alcohol and drug test you.. They tell you your bike seems too loud to them.. and they inspect your bike to make sure it is perfectly roadworthy... A good cop may suggest that a tire looks like it will need replacing soon.. But they will let you off this time.. (even tho the tire is nearly new).. Whereas a bad cop will just write up a defect and stick it on the bike. If this is how the Queensland Liberal/National Party have instructed the police to act towards motorcyclists? Then they can expect huge opposition from the general public. It is not just criminal motorcycle gangs that enjoy motorcycling.. It is a large cross section of the general public... If your going to make laws.. Make decent ones.. These pathetic attempts at taking away everyone's right's disguised as "Anti-Bikie Legislation" are immoral and I believe invalid. The sooner the big dummy at the top of the Liberal/National Party ladder realizes this.. and gets these stupid laws retracted.. The better.
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