What happens when you refuse a search in Parramatta

What happens when you refuse a search in Parramatta

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Published on 11 Mar 2013
Under the NSW Police Media Policy, police do not have the power to prevent a person from taking photos or filming; confiscate their photographic or filming equipment; delete images or recording or request that they be deleted.
Police officers who try to confiscate equipment or delete recordings could be prosecuted for assault or trespass to the person concerned.

Bradley and I were just chilling in Parramatta across from the station (Opposite side of Westfield where Hungry Jacks is)
Two police officers in a car stopped and asked us what was in our bags (They looked like Goon sacks but they were really just popcorn in silver bags) *see pic*
They were like "Yeah, alright" and drove off.
A couple of minutes later we saw the same cops on foot approaching a random person walking up the street and demanding to search them .. once completed they went on to search another person... they were both just casually walking up the street being harassed by these cops..
Brad walked over to the second guy getting searched and told him to pull out his phone and start recording as it is COMPLETELY legal to record police officers in public areas.
He did.. The police noticed I was recording the whole thing and started asking questions and telling me to stop the recording (even though it is completely legal)
As I was verbally fighting back, the cops demanded to search me.
But remember, as always, I "Don't consent to searches"
The officer hits the iPad I was using to record and twists my hands and arm to my back (which I slipped out of)
Suddenly, Brad gets pushed to the wall and shortly after they hit his head against a brick wall leaving him with what doctors said was mild internal bruising, swollen eye which will result in a black eye (Sucks, 2 days before Good Life Festival)
The Police took a photo of me (I obviously posed for it with a big smile on my face) as they said I was free to go as I hadn't committed an offence.. (except for swearing in public, as you will hear in the video)
We went to Blacktown LAC to speak with Sergeant Leigh Smith who confirmed we did not commit an offence and also verified that it IS legal to film officers in public (or anyone for that matter)

Officers involved:
Constable Oxley (Officer who asked me why I was filming) - Parramatta LAC
Constable Bostock (Attempted to search me with no reasonable suspicion) - Parramatta LAC
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