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Published on 23 Feb 2013
Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Laws in Australia are the skeleton key to take away all your basic rights fought for since the Magna Carta. Google 60c NSW Crimes act and see the first outlaw motorcycle gang law ever in Australia: 60C NSW Crimes Act has been used against anyone but bikies.

David Shoebridge pictured here does do good work occassionly, but will not fight the UN who is pushing the Gang laws on US (who the Greens worship) or attack the first OLMG law because the Green's beloved gay police have been caught out using it and they don't want the blowback on their justice perverting GLLO gay police programme and the benefits to all by all this draconian law being repealed because of numerous cases of police misusing their special powers against anyone but bikies.

This video proves that everyone suffers, and the justice system is used as a weapon against the innocent if the public buys into percieved need for OLMG law.

from the ABC:
The O'Farrell government is removing a four century old right to silence apparently to target hardened criminals but in doing so they are removing this right from everyone in NSW.

"This government is trashing a four hundred year old right to silence just to get a headline about fighting gang crime," Greens NSW MP and Justice spokesperson David Shoebridge said.

"The reason the right to silence has stood so long that is because it protects individuals from the heavy handed use of police powers.

"Most people's interactions with police are in highly charged and emotional circumstances. It is at these times that the right to silence is crucial in order to protect people from being entrapped or misunderstood.

"You don't institute fundamental law reform that applies to everyone to deal with only a limited number of hardened criminals.

"If organised criminals are getting smarter the solution is smarter policing, not the erosion of a fundamental pillar of the justice system.

"It's the prosecution's responsibility to get a conviction, not an individual's responsibility to prove their innocence or guilt through their own words.

"These laws are said to be designed for criminal gangs, but they will apply to everyone.

"We have already seen the consorting laws, supposedly implemented to crack down on bikie gang crime, being used against a man going to the shops with a mate.

"The government says it is simply following changes made to the right to silence in England.

"This is partly true, but fails to recognise that defendants in English courts have universal access to legal representation and the right to a fair trial guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights.

"Those protections don't exist in NSW.

"Anyone could understand the police wanting new powers but it is the Attorney General's task to moderate police demands and protect the integrity of the criminal justice system. Sadly, the current Attorney seems to have forgotten this," Mr Shoebridge said.
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