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On 10 May 2001, the Commonwealth Parliament assembled at the Victorian Parliament House, Melbourne, where it sat for 27 years beginning in 1901. As in 1901, the House of Representatives sat in the Legislative Assembly and the Senate sat in the Legislative Council. This Sitting, under the direct control of the Commonwealth Parliament was seen to be a major focus of the importance of Victoria in the development of the Federal Parliament and indeed the Nation.[103]

There was, of course, much said about the attainment of the Centenary of Federation in a congratulatory and celebratory manner during that sitting. Not that there was anything wrong with that! But it could have been even more significant for the Nation if the sitting had been used, in part, to either commence or finish with the finalisation of control of all constitutional authority by the people. It could have be an act of coming together regardless of being indigenous or non-indigenous, regardless of religion, regardless of political affiliation, regardless of gender and regardless of any other belief or alignment. We could have been essentially as one for a very important celebration and that celebration should have been done in no lesser a form. It would have ordained our current elected public servants with the same distinction and aura that we now place on the founders of our magnificent constitution.

However, that was not to be. But this issue should not be allowed to die; we should all take responsibility to do what we can to move public thinking to ensure that the people attain total sovereignty of their constitution. It is something that can be easily done. All that is needed is the will of our parliamentary representatives. If we can do this, then the spirit of the framers would be better commemorated by having the courage to look at Australia's constitutional arrangements with a degree of prescience about the demands of the new century, as they did[104] and we will have done our duty correctly and remembered the lessons of the past and observed the watchword of freedom and justice to all![105]
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